22 June 2017 @ 01:45 pm
The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Thirteen  

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

When we left off our heiress and her twin brother were just being children, and their older brother Kory was in the process of becoming a vampire!

So, let’s pick back up with our heiress finishing her Whiz Kid aspiration! Up next, she’ll be working on rambunctious scamp!

Caleb comes home from school in a new phase, appropriate considered to be the “I’m a bear” phase. He literally only wears his bear costume and if he takes it off he gets a sad moodlet and puts it back on again.

Kory came home from school in some really weird dark form appearance even though the transformation to vampire wasn’t complete.

He then began the vampire transformation immediately afterward. My only guess is that he was due for the transformation at school and so the buff had worn off and that’s why he came home in dark form.

Either way, his dark form is atrocious and needs to be fixed.

There, that’s much better!

Also, just a random thought that I had. But, I find it strange that if a sim is an alien and they aren’t in disguise, other sims get a moodlet based upon this. However, if a vampire is in dark form, and another sim sees them (or sees them drinking etc.) they don’t get any moodlets like “Found out Kory was a vampire!” or anything like that. It’s kind of disappointing honestly.

After sleeping in pajamas, Caleb wakes up and puts on a new bear costume. This time he’s avocado bear.

After asking Caleb about his phase, Rodrigo learns that the main way to help him with his phase is to talk to him about his bear costume and dress like a bear also. So here we have Rodrigo dressed as a strawberry bear, and honestly it was great.

I left him dressed like that for a while honestly, and it must have made his jokes better* because he completed his Joke Star aspiration! I decided to try out the Super Parent aspiration next.

*I’m aware that it didn’t, just thought it was funny.

Sims with higher responsibility really shouldn’t make messes in my opinion. It was kind of cool to see this the first few times (and it does help raise their responsibility when you discipline them, but in reality, responsibility is the easiest one to fill) but it gets kind of annoying after a while.

My sims suddenly have this new obsession with dancing. In every spare moment, they all huddle around the stereo in the energized room. It’s especially funny because sometimes I’ll see both Kory and Rachel arrive in bat form.

Anyway, dancing has maxed out Chelsea’s motor skill and she’s completed her aspiration. Finally, she’ll be working on Artistic Prodigy.

Rachel has gone 14 days without drinking from someone without permission, and as a result has completed her Good Vampire aspiration. I decided to give her computer whiz as her next aspiration, just because.

In larger generations, I usually have a hard time getting a picture of all the sims doing homework together, but I was able to do it this generation so that’s pretty cool! I seldom have them all doing it at once, especially because of aspirations and things.

Speaking of aspirations, Caleb has just completed the Whiz Kid aspiration, up next, I gave him Social Butterfly, but that likely won’t be completed.

It’s time for Caleb and Chelsea to become teenagers! Up first is Caleb, which means he’ll be coming into his vampire abilities. I’m going to have 3 vampires living in this house now.

His regular form is not too bad, but doesn’t look like the Caleb we know so he’ll need a makeover of course.

His dark form isn’t too terrible – I think the reason he has black hair in his dark form is he takes the genetics from the dark form of his parents, and since Rachel was the only one with a dark form he took her hair and eye color.

Before Caleb’s makeover, I sent Chelsea to blow out her birthday candles!

She grew up nicely, but reminds me a lot of Io Hart from a joint legacy written by two of my friends at SiMania. (You should come check it out!)

Here’s Caleb, post-makeover, in his dark form. Since he was born a vampire, it’s the only form that seemed fitting for this picture.

And here is our beautiful heiress, Chelsea. I’m really pleased with how she turned out, and I look forward to seeing her carry on this legacy and bring in generation seven!

Here is Caleb’s outfit, once again I stuck with the red for vampires, and I’m still not sure why. I assume I associate red with blood. (Did I say this last chapter, I can’t remember. *goes and looks* Nope, not quite!)

I really love this top, and the dark blue looks really nice with Chelsea’s blue skin I think.

Here we have the side-by-side comparison of all the kids. I think they all turned out really nicely, I’m very pleased with this generation.

One evening while Adam (yes, he’s still around. I had forgotten too.) was practicing his guitar, his Great-Grandmother Olivia joined in by playing the violin.

Poor Adam, he only had one picture this chapter, and now he’s going to become a young adult and move out of the family. Whoops. Sorry Adam.

He’s still super handsome! I have no doubt that he’ll have cute kids through MC Command Center Story Progression, lol.

Here’s our close up picture of him as a young adult, and we can see he took geek as his final trait.

“Goodbye Mom, thanks for raising me! It’s weird that I’m the same age as you.”

“Bye son, but remember, I’m physically the same age as you, but really I’m immortal and I’m very old.”

I decided to have Aaron do something more productive than stand at the door to the mausoleum, so I had him tend to his deceased wife’s garden.

Aaron thought that was a perfect place to move on, and so our long-lived sim was not living any longer. He unfortunately died alone, but at least he was surrounded by his wife’s beautiful flowers.

A vampire with the zebra stripe illness is quite an amusing sight I have to say.

The time has arrived for Kory to join his older brother in the land of freedom. Of course, since Kory is a vampire, that freedom is going to last a really long time.

Upon aging up, Kory’s dark form changed back to being terrible, so that’ll need to be modified in the mirror.

Much better. Kory has added perfectionist to his list of traits.

He then hugs his father goodbye, and is sent off to live in the world until MCCC does something with him for story progression.

The twins got school projects to bring home from school. Chelsea got to build a robot, which is cool! It only ended up being good quality, and not excellent though unfortunately.

Chelsea makes great facial expressions. I love how it looks like she’s sad about having to eat cake.

Rachel has completed her computer whiz aspiration! I decided to give her Master Vampire as her next aspiration, because I’m pretty sure she’s already completed most of it.

So, one afternoon when the maid was there, he died. Which, I mean, is nothing to strange because he was an elder and had been working for the family for a while. However, once the grim reaper arrived I got a notification that said. “I’m all done for the day” and he charged me for his services. It was pretty amusing.

Oh. And unless I release the spirit into the world and let a sim get a sad moodlet, the family is now stuck with the urn in their inventory. Fun stuff.

So, I created a little vampire club (hence the club icons, and for some reason I forgot if headline effects turned these off, and forgot to try, sorry) so that Rachel could win her vampiric spars. Since she’s a grand master, that meant the only vampire she could really duel was Vlad. She won three in a row, but I thought this picture was great because of her son’s faces, like look at the next picture.

Kory looks legitimately concerned or frightened by the spar, and Caleb’s kinda just like “eh, whatever.”

Somehow, I’ve never noticed the zombie cake from the Halloween pack, so since I just noticed it, that means that’s the cake that Rodrigo gets for his elder birthday!

He did age wonderfully, I must say.

And look, Chelsea is no longer sad about having to eat cake!

I had this sudden depressing realization while checking on Rodrigo’s needs once.

One of the weaknesses that Rachel took was the one where she can only sleep in coffins, and she took that while she was still a teenager. Because of this, Rodrigo and Rachel have never been able to sleep in the same bed together and I find that really sad.

Another school project in the books – this one is on electricity.

I’m not sure what Rodrigo’s looking at though. It’s like he’s afraid to look at his daughter’s project. Either that or there’s something SUPER exciting on the ceiling. The world may never know.

At the same time, Caleb built a bridge. Not too exciting, but look at all my collection plaques on the wall. Those ARE exciting.

It’s time for the twins’ birthday and boy is everyone excited!

Caleb aged nicely, and luckily his dark form wasn’t messed up.

Up next is Chelsea! Her face looks a little terrifying.

“Oh my! My daughter is a young adult! When did this happen? Why is she wearing such skimpy clothes?”

She’s been wearing the same outfit since she was a teenager, and you literally just watched her grow up.

Chelsea is super pretty, I cannot wait to see her children!

Chelsea and Caleb both add snob to their list of traits. They really are twins with both being snobs and having the same aspiration.

“Goodbye Dad, I’m going to go be immortal in the world! Take good care of my sister!”

“I will son. Don’t come drinking from our descendants now.”

It was weird for me having Chelsea showing up as older than her Mom in my sim portraits so I decided to use MCCC to change Rachel into an elder. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with her for certain yet, but I really want the vampire urn. I’ll have to figure it out eventually though.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

In the meantime, check in with me over at SiMania or BoolProp!