15 June 2017 @ 03:08 pm
The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Twelve  

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

When we left off our heiress and her twin brother had just become toddlers.

So, let’s pick back up with our super cute heiress eating some peas. Seriously, she’s so adorable, I love her so much already.

Rachel is officially a master vampire rank! To get this, I had to kept turning sims into vampires (and using MCCC to humanize them again at that point so that I didn’t have a ton of vampires in my neighborhood) vampire creation seems to be the quickest way to get vampire skill progress.

Just like in the previous two chapters, Myra has a big event at the beginning of this chapter. Unfortunately, this time it’s her death.

Her husband, Aaron, was there to witness her death, and her grandson Caleb was waddling on by.

Myra will definitely be missed, she was a great spouse to an heir, and helped bring in a beautiful generation.

With the parenting game pack out, my sims are now cursing. Including the young ones. Adam here is “yelling forbidden words” because he’s losing a game of chess against Kory.

Guys, look how cute Chelsea is!


Caleb is also very cute, but unfortunately thought he should make a giant mess on the floor in the kitchen. Fun times. I’m not sure where he got flour and chocolate syrup, but he’s enjoying making a mess.

Kory and Adam have got a school project for homework! This is extremely exciting, I was really looking forward to this aspect of the parenting game pack.

Since Aaron helped Adam with his project, and Aaron has a high rocket science skill level, Adam had an excellent quality project.

Kory’s didn’t turn out as well because Rachel helped him and she didn’t have any rocket science skill prior.

I LOVE the place settings! The casual yellow ones match our table set so well.

Time for Rodrigo to become an adult! Doesn’t he look thrilled to be an adult?

Well, this can’t be good. Dust flying everywhere, and toddler feet, what could possibly be happening now?

Caleb has a hammer and was banging around on the dishwasher with it.


Speaking of birthdays, it’s actually time for Caleb and Chelsea to become children. I missed the first picture of Caleb with his cake, but here he is pre-makeover!

Luckily, I was able to get Chelsea’s cake photo! She looks a little scared of the cake though.

Post-age up she’s still just as cute as before, and is definitely not scared anymore.

Caleb looks super handsome, and thankfully didn’t get the dreaded social butterfly aspiration.

Chelsea is still extremely adorable! I’m glad she’s the heiress, though I’m not super thrilled about her aspiration.

I apparently like dressing my vampires in red, because I dressed Caleb in red.

I thought this little outfit looked really cute on Chelsea. It was a little harder to dress her than her mother since she somehow got a darker blue skin tone than her Mom.

Adam’s birthday arrived a day or two after the twins – I can’t believe generation six already has a teenager!

He’s very handsome, but that hair and outfit won’t do.

Ahhh much better. I would’ve been okay with him being the heir, so if something were to happen to Chelsea I’d definitely choose him.

So much blue! It looks nice, but man I’m starting to get tired of blue!

I thought this picture was funny when I took it, and I had a fantastic caption ready for it at that time, but I’ve forgotten what I had intended to caption it with.

School projects galore! It looks like when one student gets a school project, they all do. Adam didn’t have one because he just aged up so he didn’t have school.

Caleb had a volcano project, which turned out super cool. I never got to do anything like this when I was in school.

Kory made a medieval diorama which is pretty neat – I’m not that artistic. Mine would have not looked that cool if I were to make one.

So far, here are three excellent versions of the projects I’ve had so far.

Aaron like lives on the “porch” to the mausoleum. He never leaves. He’s always standing here, it’s weird. No, he’s not bugged because he does leave to take care of needs, but then he comes back.


Chelsea completed her social butterfly aspiration in a chat room, and I gave her Whiz Kid as her next aspiration.

Caleb has also finished his aspiration, and I gave him rambunctious scamp as his next aspiration.

To end our train, Kory finishes social butterfly. I didn’t bother giving him a new aspiration because it’s his birthday!

As I just mentioned, it’s time for Kory’s birthday!

He walked all the way into the other room before I could get a post-grow up picture of him.

He’s interesting looking, but he’s still cute!

I dressed him in red as well, since his aspiration is master vampire.

“Hey Mom, can you make me a vampire? I want to be a master vampire!”

“If you’re sure, I guess I can do that!”

Afterward, Kory goes to enjoy some cake since he won’t be able to enjoy it once he’s a vampire.

Soon, the purple smoke around the stomach begins, and the stomach cramping begins. Kory is well on his way to becoming a vampire!

Caleb has completed the rambunctious scamp aspiration. I decided to give him whiz kid next!

He looks like he’s having so much fun on the monkey bars!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

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