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The Montgomery Legacy: Chapter One

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest Sims 4 legacy! I've actually had this chapter ready for a while, but hadn't had time to write it up. This is also my second time playing this founder because I had gotten a chapter ready right before toddlers were released and decided to restart.

This is our founder, Madelyn Montgomery. There is no direct theme to the legacy, but the children born into the family must have a name that begins with the last letter of the previous heir. So, for example, Madelyn's children must all have names beginning with N.

A friend of mine had improvised a way to have a sort of extra-extreme start by using the apartment lot. Plus, this way the new city native aspiration can be achieved.

Before we take a closer look at our founder, let me go over some of the different rules I've chosen for this legacy:

Gender Law: Equality, this means that it doesn't matter what gender the child is, they're all eligible for heir.
Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional, this means that all heirs must be blood related to the founder and her descendants.
Heir Law: Democracy, I will be posting an heir poll for this legacy since I have another legacy to play in between heir polls.
Kid Law: I have decided that every generation will have at least three children.

Now what you've all been waiting for, a closer look at our founder!

Since I have her on an apartment lot, I decided to give the City Native aspiration a shot. Her other traits are just what I thought fit her after I made her.

Since this follows the money rules of an extreme start, the only exception being that the first round of bills will be significantly higher than a regular lot, Madelyn immediately begins looking for collectibles around the town.

After getting enough collectibles and selling them, Madelyn has enough money to purchase the knight, which immediately went into the family inventory after this picture was taken.

After purchasing the knight, Madelyn had $895 left and so she purchased herself an air mattress and a cheap shower.

Madelyn doesn’t seem to be super excited about going to her first day of work as a detective, does she?

She spent most of her first day at working taking fingerprints, mugshots, and patting down some of the sims who had already been arrested and were in a cell.

She did take a nap pass out on the floor for a bit though.

While talking to her neighbors and trying to find herself a spouse, one of the contenders turned out to be an alien because he kept using his mind powers on her. She wasn’t too fond of this, so we crossed him off the list.

However, since he was her friend, we did use him for the part of her aspiration that required her to give a copy of her apartment key to a neighbor.

Sebastian Rhoades ended up being the best contender for spouse, and soon Madelyn was sharing her very first kiss with him.

She even asked him to move onto the roof in with her!

After a makeover, Sebastian looks much better, but does have an interesting set of traits. Though, none of them are particularly bad, they’re just some of the ones that provide more moodlets than others.

I dressed him in red to fit in with Madelyn a little. And as you can see in the background, the couple owns a toilet now.

“Oh, what a wonderful view we have Madelyn.”

“But not as wonderful as the view of you.”

That was cheesy Madelyn. And please be careful, you could easily fall off this building and die.

“There’s an invisible wall here, because it’s a videogame. I’ll be fine.”


They weren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend when Sebastian moved in, but they are now. I love the happy dance they do when this happens, it’s adorable.

“Madelyn Montgomery, will you do me the great honor of allowing me to become your husband and helping you take on this legacy?”

“Yes, yes of course!”

After a change of clothes, the two shared their vows and eloped on their rooftop.

Which, thanks to Madelyn’s promotions, is starting to actually have a house built on it. Which, looks a little strange from the neighborhood view, but hey, it works for now.

Madelyn is pregnant with the first baby of generation two! This legacy is officially on the way!

Madelyn didn’t even make it off the toilet to tell Sebastian that she was pregnant, but he doesn’t seem to be too excited about the pregnancy.

Let’s get a closer look…

He looks a little shocked and terrified about the pregnancy.

At work, Madelyn conducts an interrogation with the suspect of her case she’s been working on. The look that she’s giving Madelyn is crazy, I feel like she’s going to jump over the table and try to kill Madelyn.

The flea market was in town, so I had Sebastian go purchase all of the snow globes since you get a monetary reward for completing that collection.

This top may not have been the best choice for a sim that’s going to be pregnant, I’m still trying to figure out how it hasn’t slid up above her belly bump.

Normally I go for the humor side of the Humor and Hijinks festival, but I decided to be different with Madelyn just to see what kind of reward you get if the mischievous side wins.

I think that her side lost, but at least she got a sparkler!

Sebastian is at home freaking out, what could possibly be happening?

If you guessed that Madelyn was in labor, then you are correct!

After laboring for a bit, a bassinet appeared and Madelyn was ready to give birth!

It’s a boy! Meet baby boy Noah Montgomery!

I’ve been getting to experience a lot of the features that came with City Living that I hadn’t been doing prior, which is really cool. I actually really enjoy this aspiration.

Here’s the finished product of the art that she was working on in the previous slide. I think it’s really pretty.

It’s time for baby Noah to become a toddler! He looks so sad about being a toddler, doesn’t he?

Here he is post makeover. Luckily, I think the angelic trait should be a pretty good trait for a toddler.

I love his little firetruck outfit too, it’s so cute!

Unlike a lot of toddlers, Noah actually eats his food! Even though he may seem a little confused about how to eat such a large sandwich.

Sebastian is a great father, and can often be found playing with his son or helping him learn the skills needed for toddlerhood.



Poor Noah had a nightmare, and the face he made as he wobbled to wake his parents up broke my heart.

With Noah becoming a child soon, I went ahead and had Madelyn get pregnant again.

She goes all the way downstairs, and outside of their apartment building to tell Sebastian that they’re going to have another baby. He doesn’t seem thrilled, but maybe that’s just because this means Noah was left alone in the apartment.

It takes forever to get them to potty when they’re first being potty trained, holy cow!

Madelyn is in labor again, and this time since she already had the bassinet, she goes straight into the nursery to give birth.

And they’re twins! Meet baby girl Noelle and Nevaeh Montgomery!

Noah doesn’t seem happy about his new siblings, just look at the way he’s looking at his Mom while the twins are screaming in their bassinets.

Luckily, it’s time for Noah to become a child!

Noah definitely looks more like his father, but he’s still handsome regardless.

The next day, while Sebastian was at work, it was time for the twins to grow up into toddlers.

Both girls have good toddler traits, and they look very much alike. The main differences I see are in their skin tone and their nose shape.

They’re so adorable, I love that I was able to match their outfits like this!

I’m also extremely thrilled to have this toddler interaction again, it was one of my favorites in The Sims 2.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where we'll leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

In the meantime, check in with me over at SiMania or BoolProp!
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