13 February 2017 @ 03:01 pm
The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Eight  

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

Sorry that it has been a little while since I posted my last chapter. I've been busy now that school started up again, and I needed a little break from the sims as well. But, I've had some time to play so here we go!

When we left off last chapter, our generation four heir has just moved his girlfriend in to he family home.

We resume with the couple still cozied up next to the fire.

They were both feeling flirty, and I thought this was a perfect spot for a proposal, so Aaron proposes to Myra by the beautiful bonfire. She accepted, of course.

"I will be coming for you soon Abraham...just you wait."

"What?! But I'm going to be a Grandpa soon I hope. My son just got engaged, and that means babies will be on the way soon!"

*Grim Reaper goes back to fishing.*

I sent Aaron and Myra to a beautiful lot to have their wedding. I love the swan behind them, it makes this so much better.

The two then shared their vows in a very private ceremony, with the swan as their only witness.

Myra is officially pregnant with the first baby of generation five!

Aaron actually seems relatively pleased about his wife's pregnancy. Go Aaron!

Olivia has finished the Jokestar aspiration. I decided to give her Renaissance Sim as her next aspiration.

As soon as she takes a position in a job quits it and then does the same for another job, Olivia completes her FIFTH aspiration. I gave her Computer Whiz as her next aspiration.

Myra spends most of her time outside working on the family garden so that she can get progress on her aspiration.

One evening while working on the garden, Myra ends up going into labor. This means the first baby of generation five is on the way! It also means that this legacy is halfway over already!

I let her wait out the labor pains so she could work on her needs a little more. I would've made her keep working in her garden, but she was too uncomfortable to do that due to labor.

It's a girl! Meet baby girl Cheyenne Hayden! So far she looks exactly like her mother.

The first time Aaron goes to take care of his daughter, this is the face he makes. Father of the year award right here guys.

Despite looking angry about it, Olivia just completed the Computer Whiz aspiration. For her seventh aspiration I give her Painter Extraordinaire.

Myra is pregnant again!

This time, Aaron doesn't seem quite as pleased about the news of his wife's pregnancy.

The infant days go by so quickly, and soon Cheyenne is a child!

(Note: I played this before toddlers came out, I just never wrote the chapter.)

Cheyenne is adorable! I see a lot of both parents in her, but of course I think she looks more like her Mom than anything.

I couldn't resist the taco cat shirt, it's just too cute!

Also, tacocat backward is tacocat, if anyone was wondering.

Even if Aaron isn't excited about Myra's pregnancy, at least Cheyenne is!

Now that Olivia has maxed handiness, I sent her to the handiness lot so she could break the door for any future sims who may get the fishing aspiration.

I didn't take any pictures inside for some reason though.

I say this everytime, but the baby cow plant is so stinking cute I can't handle it!

I have no idea why I took this picture, but the face is too priceless not to leave in the chapter.

If I'm not mistaken, the previous picture was Cheyenne being mad or mean to her Mom and then I thought it was cute that shortly after she went to her Mom and hugged her, but I could be wrong. Either way, I still love it when my sims autonomously hug each other.

Baby two is officially on the way!

It's another girl and she has the alien skintone! Her name is Rachel.

Abraham still walks around the house with his snooty walk, but at least he's got to meet his grandbabies.

I thought for sure since Cheyenne has the hotheaded trait that she would be angry about meeting her new sibling, but instead she was happy and is constantly going in to talk to Rachel and coo at her.

The last baby of the generation is officially on the way!

Aaron was ecstatic about this baby, so at least he has a better track record than the rest of the male sims do these days.

The cow plant is all grown up. How sad, they grow up so fast.

NOO! Abraham didn't get to meet his last grandchild. This is really sad!

What's even more sad though is that only the maid was their to witness his death.

At least Abraham has a really cool urn.

Right after I placed the urn in the mausoleum, I noticed that the Grim Reaper was crafting on our crafting table. Strange.

Luckily, after a little while of sulking, something happy was going to happen - Rachel was becoming a child!

Rachel is absolutely adorable! I think she's probably my favorite of the two girls so far.

I decided to sort of match her outfit to her bow in her hair, because I really liked this hair on her.

Now that Rachel is a child, Cheyenne has someone to play with. The two girls spend a lot of time battling voidcritters together - we've almost completed the entire collection between the two of them buying packs and scavenging for cards.

Am I the only one that thinks Rachel brushing herself off after getting out of the trash can looks like she's rubbing her tummy because she ate something good?

Cheyenne has completed the dreaded Social Butterfly aspiration. I gave her Whiz Kid for her second aspiration.

I somehow missed a picture of Myra going into labor, but meet baby girl Chloe!

With the last baby born, it's time to randomize our heir and the winner is...

Rachel! She really doesn't look pleased though, does she?

Myra was due to become an adult Today, so I decided to let her use a potion of youth now. Though, in hindsight I probably should've just waited until she was an elder but oh well.

I mainly decided to do it because her husband is long lived, so this way he doesn't have to live quite as long without her.

Rachel has completed the Social Butterfly aspiration! I also gave her Whiz Kid for her next aspiration.

Myra was eaten, then spit out, by her cowplant because she tried to eat the cake. Good job Myra.

Chloe is becoming a toddler Today!

She's really adorable, though I'm not a big fan of the hair. I really need to download some custom hairs for my toddlers.

Chloe's trait is clingy. I decided to keep the hair because it suited her better than the pigtails.

And here she is trying to dance in her super cute outfit!
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That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

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