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The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Seven

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

When we left off last chapter, our generation three heiress and her husband celebrated their adult birthday and our generation four heiress was a child.

We resume with Olivia being annoyed by the pile of trash on the ground. It’s important to note that she is the one that put the trash there.

I started playing this right before Christmas, hence the Christmas tree. So let me take the time now to say that I hope you and your families had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope you enjoyed the holiday that you and your family celebrated!

Brady comes home from school with an A+ report card, and as a result has completed the Whiz Kid aspiration. He has a lot of motor skill so I had him pursue Rambunctious Scamp next.

While messing around with Olivia and her aspiration, I sent her to the diner down the road and she had a cupcake and milk. I have to say the cupcake looks delicious!

Then, I forgot to have her pay before she left because she almost passed out. Oops.

Since his skill was almost maxed already, Brady was able to complete the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration quite quickly. I gave him Artistic Prodigy next, but Tonight is his birthday so he probably won’t finish it.

“Sienna? Why is this a hamburger? You know I’m a vegetarian!”

“Relax Brady, it’s vegetarian safe, I just did it as a joke. That’s what big sisters do!”

Despite being so perplexed about his cake, Brady aged nicely.

Even though he hasn’t won the spice contest yet, I had to give him this shirt because I think it’s hilariously awesome.

Now that he’s a teen, I have him start working out to shed some of that weight he got from being fed so much as a baby.

Oh look, finally something about our heir!

Aaron has completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, I gave him Whiz Kid next.

Abraham has completed his second aspiration of Best Selling Author and so I gave him Fabulously Wealthy as his third since he’s going to be getting lots of royalties from his books.

I really like the birds that come to the bird feeder, they’re so pretty. I especially love the cardinal.

Reason being: I’m from Ohio, and that’s the state bird. But also, my Grandpa really loved cardinals and he passed away in 2014. So, there you have it sunflowers for Grandma and cardinals for Grandpa.

Am I the only person who thinks that the microphone actually look like a flashlight and not a microphone?

Oh my gosh look how cute that face is guys!

He completed Whiz Kid today as well, I gave him Artistic Prodigy next because I hate Social Butterfly.

While doing the step that requires you to play with three toys, he literally hit himself in the head probably ten times with each toy. Poor kid.

Sienna completes her Friend of the World aspiration after becoming friends with her very pregnant Aunt Vanessa.

I don’t know why I keep giving this aspiration out, except for the fact that I’m trying to complete collections but I gave her Curator next. I really need some new aspirations.

Speaking of, I am going to try to make a legacy where the founder has the new aspiration. So we’ll see how that goes.

Today is little Aaron’s birthday! One step closer to generation five!

Those clothes have got to go. Holy crap.

Aaron adds the ever lovely “squeamish” to his list of traits – yay. He also has the Bodybuilder aspiration, so luckily he completed Rambunctious Scamp as a kid.

Nothing too extravagant about his look. I couldn’t find an aqua shirt that I liked for him.

Here we have our side by side comparison of generation four. A nice variety I must say, but as much as I love red hair, I need a break!


Another story for you about my Grandparents –

When we lived in Ohio, I used to stay with them a lot because my Mom was a single Mom so she worked crazy hours. Well, they lived near a lake and we would always go and feed the ducks together. My Grandma called them “Charlie Brown and Lucy” (the brown ones were Lucy, the ones that look like the ones in the picture were Charlie Brown.)

While working out at a gym venue, we see Vanessa who is still somehow very far along in her pregnancy.

Aaron brought his cousin home from school with him one day. I want to say that this is Bryson which is Castiel’s son but it could be Tyler’s son Dillon. Honestly, the spares kids all almost look identical.

Some of the signed posters Olivia unlocked earlier in her career give the energized moodlet so I put them in the corner of the room. Also, the tattoo on Aaron’s arm is supposed to be a “Mom” tattoo.

“Hi little brothers. Are you having fun doing your homework? I grow up in a few hours so I don’t have to do mine. Though, once I grow up there will be a picture of me and then nothing. Which is weird.”

I really do need to find a better way to transition them out of the house instead of just *poof* after they age to adult. Any suggestions guys? I’m using MC Command Center for them to find spouses and have children, but I feel like I need to write their move out a little better. It’s hard since you can’t have a taxi come like in The Sims 2.

Before Sienna could grow up, Abraham comes home with a promotion to the top of the Art Critic career path. Of course, he’s insane and doesn’t look happy about his promotion.

Aaron has reached his maximum body potential. Now, he just needs to max the fitness skill.

Finally, the time arrives for Sienna to blow out her birthday candles!

She’s so pretty, I honestly kind of wish she had been heiress.

Sienna adds perfectionist to her list of traits, and then moves out of the house.

The family that works out together, stays together.

Aaron has completed the Bodybuilder aspiration and is now Long Lived.

I got lucky and when I sent Olivia to the flea market and all of the snow globes she needed to complete the collection were there!

Here we have our lovely collection of snow globes, on these really awesome collectible shelves I downloaded from Mod The Sims. The link is here if anyone is interested!

Olivia has completed Successful Lineage! Her next aspiration is going to be Nerd Brain because we have a lot of things that need upgraded now.

I’ll admit, I did have to cheat because for some reason she didn’t get credit for a teen maxing their career or completing an aspiration. Aaron completed a childhood and adult aspiration while she was on this tier and she still didn’t get credit. And Aaron did reach the top of the teen career. If I remember correctly, it seems that they only get credit when a YA reaches level 5 now. But I felt like I had satisfied the aspiration enough to use the cheat code.

I really wanted to get the microscope print pictures for the house, so the family now has a gigantic microscope in their basement. Don’t be alarmed if you see random microscope prints throughout the house.

Olivia (finally) became an Internet Personality and reached the top of the Social Media career path. Oh my gosh getting followers was so tedious.

Brady invited his cousin Ariel over, who is Penelope’s daughter.

Speaking of Brady, tonight is his young adult birthday!

Brady adds geek to his list of traits and then moves out.

So far, Sienna and Brady both have geek!

It was neat seeing Charlotte use the microscope since she was in the Scientist career branch.

As we all know, the Grim Reaper must make an appearance in this family almost daily it seems. Today, he is fishing in their backyard.

Olivia has completed Nerd Brain aspiration. She has maxed fitness already so I gave her Bodybuilder for her next aspiration.

Just in the nick of time, Olivia finished the aspiration and is now long lived! I gave her Joke Star next since her comedy is already high.

Olivia blows out the candles on her elder birthday and…

…suddenly gains really wide hips due to her fitness level.

The shirt change makes her hips look not as wide, and the lighter lipstick looks better on her too.

It’s also Abraham’s birthday!

He aged into a very handsome elder I must say.

Not much happened in the next 24 hours, except that somehow nobody ate any of the cake and I was able to reuse it a day later for Aaron’s birthday.

Still as cute as ever, though his nose is so small.

Aaron also added geek to his list of traits meaning that the entire generation all got geek as a trait!

I wasted no time in trying to find a spouse for the next generation, because really what is there to wait for? I’ve completed an aspiration, and I’m working on another.

Myra Parikh was the best-looking option, and I just know they’re going to have adorable kids! Plus, their romance levels raised extremely quickly.

Their friendship levels didn’t raise super-fast, but I was able to ask her to move in, which I had wanted to do so that MC Command Center didn’t marry her off before I was able to get them engaged.

After a make-over she looks lovely. I am so excited to see their children.

I decided to keep the top she had on, but change it to yellow because I thought she looked nice in yellow.

Later that evening, the two went down the street to the little bonfire area and cozied up next to the fire.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

In the meantime, check in with me over at SiMania or BoolProp!
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