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The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Five

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

When we left off last chapter, the triplets became teenagers and I spent a lot of money on a mausoleum.

Thankfully, the family had enough money in their account when the bills came since I did spend quite a bit of money when I added the mausoleum.

Castiel’s aspiration (Friend of the World) is easy when you purchase the “Incredibly Friendly” trait so I decided I’d go ahead and complete his aspiration for something to do since Olivia can’t do anything until she becomes a young adult.

All of the teenagers in this family are obsessed with hacking their school grades. Tyler got himself a D because of it, and Vanessa here just went to a C.

Luckily, we’re about to have one less teenager (and sim) in this house! Penelope is becoming a young adult!

*Also, if you see the house randomly changing, you’re not going crazy. For this chapter and the next chapter I’ve been working on making modifications to make the house more to my liking with a lot of help from my friend Roxanne / Taube.

Penelope is adorable, and because I do like her and for more moodlet solvers, I had her take a job in the entertainment career to help her with her aspiration a little more before kicking her out to be controlled by MC Command Center.

Here we have our gloomy, childish, gluttonous Joke Star.

Not sure how well gloomy would work with Joke Star, but luckily I don’t have to find out.

Jean has completed his Public Enemy aspiration. I decided to go ahead and give him Chief of Mischief next, because why not?

In addition to hacking things, Vanessa likes to beat up the stuffed toys.

Since Jean needs to clog some sinks, I used this opportunity to see how Ethan is doing. This is his son Jax as a teenager. Terrible sense of style.

After saying his hellos, Jean clogs Jax and Ethan’s sink. (Ethan’s wife had died by this point, she was much older than him apparently.)

Then with the help of MC Command Center I edit Jax in CAS and give him some better clothes.

Jean clogs sink two of three at a random apartment because I was curious to see how they looked.

He then gets caught trying to clog a sink in another apartment in the same building.

TIP: Apartments on the same lot do not count as clogging sinks at different places because it’s the same lot.

Back home, Vanessa does her homework while sitting on the pool ledge. Personally, I’d be afraid that I was going to drop my homework into the pool but to each their own.

While swimming in the pool with his family, Jean is mischievous to them, and completes the Chief of Mischief aspiration. I gave him Computer Whiz next because he already has high levels of programming and video gaming.

Rylee has completed Painter Extraordinaire and so I gave her Leader of the Pack as her next aspiration.

While working on Castiel’s aspiration a little, I sent him to a community lot to meet some people, but he thought karaoke would be a better use of his time. He was terrible at it, might I add.

Rylee has completed Leader of the Pack. It was simple because I had done a lot to the club already at this point. Sometimes I use it when the house gets messy or in disrepair so it was already at eight members.

I gave her Nerd Brain as her next aspiration because we could use the instant upgrade around here.

It’s time for Tyler’s young adult birthday! While, I’ll miss him around here I won’t miss him constantly getting bad grades from hacking.

However, he really is good looking.

I definitely won’t miss his “Hates Children” trait either. But, I never did get to try insider out much.

So, after spam buying and opening holiday crackers, I finished the collection of plushies. I really like them, they give a playful moodlet though so that isn’t enabled.

Castiel has completed his “Friend of the World” aspiration! It’s such a breeze with the Incredibly Friendly trait.

His next aspiration is The Curator, because why not? Maybe I can complete that too before he moves out.

I finally bought the family a rocket because they need it for Rylee’s aspiration. Since I have plans for Olivia, I had her assist her Mom in building it so she could build her rocket science skill too.

With nobody around to help him celebrate, like usual, Jean’s elder birthday arrives.

He looks very wrinkly, and a lot like most other elder sims I’ve had in game.

Guys, I’m such a good simmer! Can you tell?

I’d been curious to try out the spice festival, so when it arrived I sent Olivia and Rylee down to check it out. They both failed the spicy food challenge unfortunately.

Hi there Lucas, long time no see! Why are you uncomfortable?

“Because it’s dirty in here and I’m squeamish.”

But it’s dirty because you broke the shower…

“It’s still gross.”


Look at this priceless photo of the triplets on their birthday. Vanessa’s face was so great in it that I decided to use just this one for all of them.

Also, if you care, I was able to use the same cake for all three of them, AGAIN, without anyone taking a slice.

Our lovely heiress has added Unflirty to her list of traits, this should make finding a spouse interesting.

Castiel becomes neat, which really would’ve come in handy sooner.

Vanessa becomes materialistic which is perfect for her aspiration.

Vanessa and Castiel have moved out into an random house with Penelope and Tyler to await MC Command Center to pair them off.

The gardener has pretty much been keeping Charlotte’s plants alive since she died, but since I’d like to complete all of the collections, well the ones that are currently able to be completed, I had Olivia start working on the gardening.

I also wanted to try out the new careers so I had Olivia take a job in the Social Media career path. I have plans for her to go down the Internet Star path so she can be home with her kids more since her aspiration is family related.

She got promoted on her first day and gets to take the job that takes her down that desired path. Rylee looks so proud of her daughter, or annoyed I can’t really tell.

Here we have an aged-up version of Genesis and Jordan. I just went to visit them so I could see them as teens, nothing too exciting.

OH MY GOSH THE RACCOON COSTUME IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. I love it so much. I do wish it was a raccoon though and not a person in a costume.

Olivia is sort of my guinea pig for City Life since it wasn’t really possible for me to do a lot of these things with Rylee because she was pregnant when I got it and then had triplets.

I sent Olivia to Sixam on one of her days off so that she could get started on the collections of stuff she needs from there.

She gets all but one geode when she’s there, which I decided to display because they’re really cool looking.

Rylee’s elder birthday arrived, and luckily her husband was home to celebrate with her.

She’s still stunning, which makes me really happy. I’ve seen a few sims who just look terrible when they become elders.

It’s also good to know that she and Jean still find each other attractive.

Olivia and Rylee have both come home with promotions. Rylee reached the top of the painter career from her promotion.

She also managed to complete her nerd brain aspiration right after. I decided to give her Fabulously Wealthy next because that won’t require much work from me and since generation four will be here eventually I didn’t want to work on another one for her.

Sending an Unflirty sim to the romance festival wasn’t the smartest idea. She was very uncomfortable.

However, she did get some advice from the romance guru. It was terrible though – she just told Olivia that it was up to her to decide what she wants.

She then bought the festival t-shirt and fantasized about weddings.

The next day while Rylee and Olivia were at work, the grim reaper came for Jean. I feel really bad for Jean because nobody’s really noticed he exists other than his wife.

I placed his urn out in the mausoleum with his in-laws.

I’ve also built a basement for the family. It’s currently not accessible to sims, but it’s storing their collection items.

With her rising fame and thousands of followers on Social Media, I worried that any man Olivia met would be interested in her only for her fame. Aliens don’t have computers though so I decided that it would be perfect for Olivia to marry an alien!

Meet Abraham Ruff – Olivia’s hopeful future husband!

They actually got along really well, and we learned he’s a snob. But, we can make do with that. It could be worse after all.

So the unflirty interaction are quite amusing. They say things like “Ask Completely Inappropriate Question” or “Awkwardly Hug.”

Despite that though, Olivia is getting her first kiss!

Abraham even agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend with Olivia.

“Abraham will you do me the honor of moving in with me and being my husband?”

“Yes absolutely!”

I had the couple get married in Sixam because I’d never done that before. It was a nice wedding though, and luckily, I had already given Olivia a wedding dress.

NOTE: If you get married on Sixam, you have to go into manage worlds and move the alien into your house that way.

Abraham has a very interesting personality, but at least he has an easy aspiration.

I don’t know why but I really liked the purple on him.

After getting a little close for comfort, Olivia shares the big news that she’s pregnant while Abraham works on the wood working table. He seems less than thrilled.

I missed the picture, but when he went back to woodworking, his tool was in his hand and it hit Olivia in the stomach.

Even though they just got married, Olivia already seems oblivious to her husband talking to himself regularly. Or, it could be that she’s just too happy about being pregnant to care.

“Hi little one, I’m your Grandma Rylee! I’m excited to meet you, but please stay a baby forever. Otherwise you’re going to make me angry!”


“Well, it’s true…”

It looks like not even death can stop the love that Rylee and Jean share for each other, it’s rather sweet actually.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

In the meantime, check in with me over at SiMania or BoolProp!
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