15 December 2016 @ 02:14 pm
The Hayden Legacy: Chapter Four  

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Hayden Legacy!

When we left off last chapter, Rylee had just given birth to the first ever triplets I’ve had in my game and we found out that Olivia, the eldest of the triplets, is going to be our generation three heiress.

Penelope is very angry about her new siblings, and I think she’s probably particularly angry that Olivia is going to be the heiress and not her.

I finally got my first notification about a festival in town, and it was a flea market. I decided to send Charlotte and Penelope down to check it out. Charlotte was much more interested in the karaoke machine than looking at the different items for sale in the flea market.

Penelope however purchased a bottle of bubble from her Aunt Nathalie – her Dad’s sister.

If you look in the background, you can see even the Grim Reaper came to check out the festivities.

I think the bubbles are really neat. Penelope, for the time being anyway, has seemed to forget that she was angry about the birth of her younger siblings.

After a while, Charlotte and Penelope head home where Penelope finishes up her second aspiration of Artistic Prodigy. Next, I’m going to have her work on Whiz Kid.

I decided to take a little bit of time to work on Rylee’s Soulmate aspiration so I sent her and Jean on a date to one of the new lots, and I must say the view is lovely.

Back home, Rylee helps Penelope with her aspiration by reading her a book, in her bathing suit, on Charlotte’s bed. This family sure does things in a weird way.


Well, luckily, it’s their birthday, so you don’t have to worry about it for much longer. However, now they’re going to be children, so you will have to deal with that.

I’ll spare you the picture of Castiel and Vanessa aging up.

However, it’s funny to me that Penelope, Olivia, and Vanessa all aged up into this dreaded ponytail.

After her makeover, our heiress looks lovely. Plus, her trait and aspiration actually match up which is always a plus.

Castiel also aged up into a handsome little boy.

I really wanted to give Olivia and Vanessa the same hair, and even though their facial structure is slightly different I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. But, this hat matched the outfit I picked for Vanessa and I thought it looked cute on her.

Here we have an overview of the lovely triplets. They were fairly easy babies other than crying at the same time, hopefully now I don’t lose my mind with 5 children in the house when both of their parents hate children.

Olivia immediately gets started on her aspiration. Her siblings do too, but since they’re spares I didn’t think that really needed a picture.

Even though they’re married, Charlotte had the option to ask Lucas to be her boyfriend, so to alleviate some of her remaining grief I had her do so and it seemed to cheer her right up.

So apparently, the game can automatically give your children sick days if they’re sick. Tyler here was sick around the time the notification comes about school starting in an hour, and instead it said he was too sick for school and would be taking a sick day.

Since Tyler and Castiel are both Social Butterfly aspirations, I basically have them use each other to work on their aspirations. So far it seems to be working out well.

Ironically, since I’m using the shell from last chapter to write this, I’m noticing that image 18 of the last chapter was Penelope becoming a child and now image 18 of this chapter is her becoming a teenager. Not very interesting to you guys, I’m sure. But it was to me.

It’s so funny to me how as soon as sims are teens it’s like they finally notice that they can use their cellphones. Even though kids have them, the kids don’t seem to care about them like the teenagers do.

Penelope looks lovely after her makeover.

I think she’s my first sim to get the childish trait, so we’ll see how that goes!

I decided to leave Penelope in pink clothing after reading a comment, from my friend Roxanne, about how lovely she looked in it as a child.

I hadn’t been spending much time working on Jean’s aspiration, so one day after work while the rest of the house was either at school or work, I sent him to a community lot so he could get some people to dislike him, get in some fights, and declare some enemies.

I looked on the family tree and noticed that Ethan’s son was finally a child, so I sent Charlotte over so she could meet him before she dies.

His name is Jax. He seems to look a lot like his Mom at the moment, but at least the game didn’t give him a terrible name when he was born.

So far, I’m loving the MC Command mod.

After reading a joint legacy at SiMania called I Hart Space!, I learned that the puppet show box gives social points! I immediately purchased it upon loading the game the next time after reading that chapter.

Today is Jean’s young adult to adult birthday. As you can see, his two youngest daughters are more interested in doing their homework than celebrating with him.

He gained a few wrinkles on his face, but other than that Jean looks exactly the same.

The birthday “festivities” clearly distracted Vanessa enough that she had to move out to the back porch to be able to do her homework.

I bought the microphone so that Penelope could gain some progress on her aspiration. I managed to get her as far as I can before she becomes a young adult.

Aria and Nolan had their twins a little later than Ethan had his son, so I was starting to think Charlotte wasn’t going to get to meet her other grandbabies. But, luckily, she did! The game named them Genesis and Jordan. They also seem to look a lot like their father, but I can see a little bit of the Hayden family in Genesis.

Meanwhile, Jean is still working on getting more enemies for his aspiration.

After a what seemed like forever, Olivia finished her Artistic Prodigy aspiration. Next, she will be going for Rambunctious Scamp.

After talking to a relative that immediately walked out of the room, Tyler completed his Social Butterfly aspiration! I also gave him Rambunctious Scamp as his next aspiration.

While you can’t really tell because he just doesn’t look happy about it, Jean has reached the split in the criminal career. I sent him down the Oracle path.

Oh my gosh the little plushies you get out of the Holiday Crackers are so adorable! I actually wouldn’t mind having one in real life.

Unfortunately, Charlotte’s time has come!

Please note, that Tyler is taking a bath while this is happening and the Grim Reaper is staring at her through the window – waiting for her to take that last breath.

Everyone except Castiel made it in to witness her death, and her death also helped Jean with a part of his aspiration.

Castiel was too busy hugging the giant dinosaur to witness his Grandma’s death. However, he did complete his aspiration. I also gave him Rambunctious Scamp.

The reason I’ve been giving it to everyone is because when they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, they’re usually on the jungle gym gaining motor skill, so I figured that would make the aspiration go quicker.

It looks like with Lucas gone, Jean is the one who is going to start things on fire.

Thankfully, his wife and daughter stepped right in to extinguish the fire.

Somehow, even after the fire was out Jean and Rylee were on fire again. Penelope was still right there so thankfully she was able to extinguish them.

Just in time for his birthday, Tyler completes Rambunctious Scamp. He doesn’t have time to complete another, but I gave him Artistic Prodigy for the few extra points they get for having the activity table.

After changing, he heads in to blow out his candles. Somehow, I missed this though so have a picture of Tyler glowing instead.

There weren’t many curly hair options that I felt suited Tyler, but I liked this one. I think it kind of fits his personality.

It’s hard to see in this picture but he has the new dragon tattoo on his arm. I think he’s quite handsome.

With Charlotte now dead, the family was making trips to mourn her and Lucas giving them the sad buffs. Well, I wasn’t going to have that so I decided to build them a mausoleum. Ready for the tour?

Here we have an overhead shot of the inside. As you can see, there are 9 tables for each generation. Generation 9 honestly won’t need theirs unless there is a freak accident of sorts.

And here we have the urns of generation one!

I’ve locked the front door to prevent people from going in to mourn.

I decided to work on Tyler’s aspiration a little. Mainly just for fun. But as soon as I sit him down to practice programming I get a notification about the Geek Con festival.

Geek Con increases the speed which they gain videogaming and programming etc. so I figured that would be a perfect place for Tyler to work on his aspiration.

Jean went with him because he needs programming for work. They both entered the Hackathon. Jean placed first and then Tyler placed second.

The first-place prize was this awesome computer. Second place got $500.

There was a monster under Castiel’s bed which somehow resulted in all of the triplets getting up to check it out and attempt to talk to it. They all woke Penelope up and asked her to spray under the bed, but she never did.

Vanessa has completed Whiz Kid! Next, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, she’ll be doing Rambunctious Scamp.

There’s also this lovely glitch. Tyler hates kids so much he tried to absorb his brother.

Olivia has completed Rambunctious Scamp and now will be pursuing Whiz Kid.

Not long after, Castiel also completed Rambunctious Scamp. I gave him Artistic Prodigy.

And then, Vanessa completed Rambunctious Scamp. (I had been having her work on it while waiting for her A in school.) I gave her Artistic Prodigy as well.

Oh, at some point when I was at another lot with another sim, Rylee reached the split in her career. I had her pursue Master of the Real because apparently, it’s supposed to have the best easel.

You wouldn’t guess it by her face, but Olivia has completed Whiz Kid! Which leaves Social Butterfly.

While the triplets were cranking out aspirations, I was working on Rylee’s aspiration. She finally finished it after what felt like forever trying to get those 50 romantic actions in.

I decided to give her Painter Extraordinaire as her next aspiration since she was already working in the painting career.

It’s also time for Rylee to go from Young Adult to Adult!

I don’t even notice any wrinkles on her really. She aged wonderfully!

Castiel has completed Artistic Prodigy. This leaves only Whiz Kid for him.

Olivia has completed Social Butterfly – meaning she has completed all four childhood aspirations!

Vanessa completed Artistic Prodigy leaving her with Social Butterfly.

This means all of the kids this generation completed at least two aspirations. But seriously, we need some new ones. These four are getting so boring.

It’s birthday time for the triplets. One by one I brought them up to the cake (which somehow lasted for all three of them.)

Olivia looks stunning, not that I had any doubt. She picked up the geek trait along with her Successful Lineage aspiration.

Castiel is extremely handsome, with an interesting personality.

Vanessa joins the hates-children club but still looks lovely.

Here we have a side-by-side comparison of this generation. Lots of good looking kids this generation.

I kept with the bright aqua color for Olivia, and the yellow for Vanessa. Of course, giving Vanessa another hat because I didn’t think she looked right without one now.

Because of his aspiration, I felt the need to dress Castiel all preppy. (Though I’ll admit, I did consider dressing him like his namesake.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's where I'm going to leave this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to have another chapter out very soon!

In the meantime, check in with me over at SiMania or BoolProp!